Fells Native Flower Gallery

March, April and May

All photographs shown here were taken in the Middlesex Fells. The flowers are shown in order of their flowering time in the Fells with the date the image was made. Most plants bloom for a good number of days. Blooming time will vary from year to year but not by much.

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Skunk cabbage
Skunk cabbage  Symplocarpus foetidus  3-11-06


  Pink hepatica                         Hepatica
Round-lobed  Hepatica    Hepatica americana  4-18-05                           4-14-06    

      Bloodroot       Marsh Marigold        
Bloodroot  Sanguinaria canadensis  4- 22 -05        
Marsh Marigold  Caltha palustris  4-27-03


Goldthread        Trout Lily  
Goldthread  Coptis trifolia     5-01-05              
Trout Lily  Erythronium americanum  5-02-03

          Jack                Marsh Blue
Jack-in-the-pulpit  Arisaema triphyllum  5-04-04          Marsh Blue Violet  Viola cucullata  5-08-05

Corydalis   Trillium
     Pink Corydalis Corydalis sempervirens  5-11-03             Nodding trillium  Trillium cernuum  5-14-05

   Mayflower   Solomon's Seal
 Canada Mayflower  Maianthemum canadense  5-17-04     Solomon's Seal  Polygonatum pubescens  5-17-04

Wood Anemone
Wood Anemone  Anemone quinquefolia  5-19-03

  Viola pedata       Geranium06 
   Birdfoot Violet  Viola pedata    5-31-05            Wild Geranium   Geranium maculatum   5-31-06