Early Summer Gallery

In this second section of the flower photo gallery are pictures of flowers blooming in the Fells in June and July. 

All photographs shown here were taken in the Middlesex Fells.

For copies of these pictures or greeting cards made from these images contact:
Bryan Hamlin
56 Wyman Street
Medford, MA 02155, USA
e-mail: bryanthamlin@gmail.com




Blue Flag   Swamp Ragwort 

Blue Iris   Iris versicolor     6-06-05                        Swamp Ragwort   Senecio  aureus   6-06-05

Yellow Star Grass    Mountain Laurel

Yellow Star Grass  Hypoxis hirsuta      6-06-05    Mountain laurel  Kalmia latifolia  6-16-05

Sheep Laurel    Swamp Sweetbells

Sheep laurel  Kalmia  angustifolia  6-18-05      Sweet swampbells  Eubotrys racemosa     6-19-05

         Venus Looking Glass                            Swamp Azalea

Venus' Looking Glass Specularia perfoliata   6-22-06    Swamp Azalea   Rhododendron viscosum   6-24-05

Blue-eyed Grass                Partridgeberry

Blue-eyed Grass  Sisyrinchium angustifolium  6-24-05         Partridgeberry  Mitchella repens  6-24-05


Pipsissewa        Chimaphila umbellata         6-29-04



    Butterflyweed                        Swamp Candles

Butterfly-weed   Asclepias  tuberosa  7-04-06               Swamp Candles  Lysimachia terrestris   7-04-06

Canada Lily 1     Canada Lily 2  

Canada Lily               Lilium canadense        7-10-05      &       7-06-06


     Striped Wintergreen         Ch mac close-up

Striped Wintergreen  Chimaphila maculata  7-14 -04                                     close-up  7-18-03

Teaberry      Buttonbush      
 Teaberry  Gaultheria procumbens  7-20-03            Buttonbush     Cephalanthus occidentalis    7-20-06