Fall Gallery


This third section of the Flower Gallery shows photos of wildflowers in the Fells from August through November.

For copies of these pictures or greeting cards made from these images please contact:
Bryan Hamlin
56 Wyman Street
Medford, MA 02155, USA
e-mail: bryanthamlin@gmail.com



   Cardinal flower                  Blue Curls

Cardinal Flower  Lobelia cardinalis  8-28-05                Blue Curls   Trichostema dichotomum  8-27-06



Floating Hearts        Beechdrops

    Floating Hearts  Nymphoides cordata   9-01-06            Beech-drops  Epifagus virginiana   9-18-05  


    Turtlehead         Bristly Aster

   Turtlehead  Chelone glabra  9-27-04      Stiff-leaved Aster  Ionactis linariifolius  9-28-05


      Ladies Tresses                 Aster

          Nodding Ladies' Tresses Orchid                                  Aster                           10-13-04
             Spiranthes cernua  10-02-06



   Wintergreen ice         Witch Hazel

   Striped Wintergreen leaves with              Witch Hazel   Hamamelis virginiana       11-20-04

    ice crystals    11-19-05