Found in the Fells – February


Almost certainly one will find a lot of snow and ice in the Fells in February.  But,  those who like to fit in a walk in the early morning or late afternoon will notice some differences compared to early January - the lengthening days. On New Year’s Day the sun rose at 7:13 am over the Fells, but by Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th) it will be rising half an hour earlier, and setting 52 minutes later – affording more time to fit in those walks.

In February 2018 we had the temperature reach a record 73* on the 21st; and three days later I found Skunk Cabbage in bloom. This unusual plant blooms - with strange flowers - very early in the year.  The earliest I've ever seen it 'in bloom' was on Feb 9th, in 2012.  See right-hand photo.  The flower is not attractive like  later spring flowers.  Inside  the 'jug' it is  actually warm. This attracts flies which do the pollinating; as bees are still hibernating.

skunky    smelly job


February can be a tough time for animals as they search for scarce food. But while snow is on the ground we can see much more clearly where an animal has passed by. 


            Deer prints

              Deer footprints in icy snow at Molly’s Spring Road, 02-05-04