Found in the Fells – January


There should be snow on the ground in January, but in 2019 the Fells didn;t see snow until Jan 20th - very unusual.  Snow makes for some beautiful winter scenes, especially if accompanied with blue sky and sunshine.

If there is deep snow it can be difficult to hike, but thanks to hardy pioneers, including cross-country skiers, the main trails are soon padded down.  Fresh, light snow can produce beautiful sights all its own so its really worth getting out there soon after a fresh fall of snow. 

snowy fells  streamy

                                                        A snowy scene in the Fells, January 15, 2008                                                                  and another

Remember the Pink Lady Slipper Orchids that bloom in May? Their seed-boxes can sometimes still be seen atop dry brown stalks, standing in the snow.  

       PLS in snow     snow on Beech leaves                        

          Pink Lady Slipper seed-box on dry stalk in the snow.                                Fresh snow on Beech leaves                                  

         The photos below were taken in the first two weeks of January, 2019 of some of the attractive woodland floor evergreens. When they're not covered in snow they do some photosynthesizing on sunny days, helped by the fact the majority deciduous trees don't have any leaves on.  Some of these evergreens have attractive red berries for hungry animals to enjoy and spread the seeds. Also about half the ferns in the Fells are evergreen.

pippies    winterbot   bearbee  

                        Pipsissewa                                                  Striped Wintergreen                                            Bearberry

VA polyfern                                                        
                Virginia Polypody in January